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Style: Hefeweizen 

Date of Origin: ca 1480 AD 

Country/Region: Germany 

Nationality: German 

ABV 6.4% 

IBU 10.87

History Summation: Hefeweizen beer is considered one of the most popular beers around the  world and it has survived hard times during its history. The style originated around the 1520s in  the breweries of Bavaria, Germany.

Color Description: Orange to yellow in color

Scent, Flavor and Mouthfeel Objective: Weizens are optimized to be refreshing drinkers.

Serving Description: Triticum, Latin for wheat, is brewed in accordance with German standards, or the Reinheitsgebot of 1520, for Weizen beers. This beer is opaque or naturally cloudy from the suspension of proteins and yeast. Weizens are optimized to be refreshing drinkers. This begins with carbonation levels that far exceed those in most beers creating a thick mousse-like head. These beers are opaque, hazy with wheat proteins and ale yeast. The mouthfeel should be fruity and spicy with the most famous being banana and clove.

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Style: Belgian Pale Ale

Date of Origin: ca 1700 AD 

Country/Region: Belgium 

Nationality: Belgian 

ABV 6% 

IBU 19.59

History Summation: The Belgian pale ale was brewed in one form or another all the way back in the mid-1700s, but it would take the rising popularity of German “light beers” for the pale ale to truly come into its own. The late 1800s saw the newly minted refrigeration technology coming into common use and with it came the ability to brew and store lagers anywhere.  Gladiator production of this Belgian Pale Ale pre-dates refrigeration and is truer to the original production practices. 

Color Description: Gold to Copper in Color

Scent, Flavor and Mouthfeel Objective:  This Belgian style pale-ale can have a caramel or toasted malt flavor. Its style is characterized by low but noticeable hop bitterness, flavor and aroma. These beers were inspired by British pale ales.  

Serving Description: Easy drinking with low hop bitterness. Our Belgian Ale is on the darker, gold to copper, side of the spectrum of the Belgian Pale Ale family and has a higher ABV and heavier mouth feel. Belgian Pale Ales often have a spicy or fruity-ester character. The Gladiator version leans more toward the fruity-ester character making it a great summer porch sitter! Serve this Belgian Ale in a Belgian Tulip Glass to focus the fruity like character in the nose; expect some haze as this, unlike the Golden Strong, is unfiltered. Drink young; it pairs very well with spicy foods.

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Style: Dutch Koyt 

Date of Origin: ca 1500 AD 

Country/Region: Netherlands 

Nationality: Dutch 

ABV 6.4% 

IBU 10.15 

History Summation: Koyt is a unique beer dating back to as early as 1501AD. This ancient beer is a historic Dutch beer brewed after the Campaign for Netherlands beer-style guidelines. The grain bill we use is consistent with the state requirements.

Color Description: A beautiful straw-colored beer, naturally opaque (a protein haze will result and remain slightly cloudy).

Scent, Flavor and Mouthfeel Objective: Fruity scent and taste. 

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Style: Dry Stout 

Date of Origin: ca 1700 AD 

Country/Region: Ireland 

Nationality: Irish 

ABV 4.5% 

IBU 31.89 

History Summation: Stout originally meant any beer of fortitude, no matter the color. There were pale and brown stouts. By the end of the 18th century, stout mostly came to describe strong versions of porter only and eventually a style itself rather than an adjective. Dry stouts – and indeed all stout styles – can be traced to the “stout porters” that were popular among London’s working class during the 18th century. Originally brewed as stronger “stout” versions of the porter, stouts maintained their popularity in countries like Ireland while paler beers were becoming accepted in their English birthplace.

Color Description: Dry stout is black beer with a dry-roasted character thanks to the use of roasted barley.

Scent, Flavor and Mouthfeel Objective:  The emphasis on coffee-like roasted barley and a moderate degree of roasted malt aromas define much of the character. Hop bitterness is medium to medium high. This beer is often dispensed via nitrogen gas taps that lend a smooth, creamy body to the palate.

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Style: Old Ale 

Date of Origin: ca  

Country/Region: England 

Nationality: British 

ABV 7.37% 

IBU 57.75 

History Summation:  The name of the beer is a tribute to the most famous female Gladiator or Gladiatrix, Mevia. It is believed that Mevia was a foreign slave who had an aptitude for battling animals and is reported to have fought with a spear while also topless. 

The British Old Ales are the original barrel-aged beers, and they have a complexity, acidity, and gentle sweetness that make them very contemporary. The lineage of old ales dates back 400 years to just after the adoption of hops in England.

Scent, Flavor and Mouthfeel Objective: Our tribute brew to Mevia is in the style of a British Old Ale. This beer is a full-flavored British ale that challenges and rewards the palate with full malty and hoppy flavors and substantial bitterness. The flavors are bold but provide a complementary blend between the malt, passion fruit and hibiscus, and are stronger and richer than average strength pale and amber ales. This style has much in common with historic American stock ales. Strong, malty beers were highly hopped to keep as provision beers prior to prohibition. Mevia is our strongest in hops and closely resembles an “East Coast” type IPA. 

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Style: Strong Scotch Ale 

Date of Origin: ca 1700 

Country/Region: Scotland 

Nationality: Scottish 

ABV 7.1% 

IBU 22.13 

History Summation: Kranion is Gladiator Brewing Co.’s deeply malted and caramel ale. While not as “hoppy” as our other beers, this ale considers the Scottish brewing traditions that have been around for nearly 6000 years! Note: if you’re looking for the more common peaty flavor typical in American Scotch Ales, this one will disappoint! Kranion embraces tradition and not misinterpretation of flavor. 

Scent, Flavor and Mouthfeel Objective: Malt centered with a deep caramel character, backed by tones of roasted malt, such as light smoke and/or nuttiness. Both the hop flavors and bitterness are very low. There is some alcohol presence, but it is in the medium range with the esters showing qualities of raisin, plum, or even dried fruit. Finish can be sweet to moderately dry and depending on your palate, you may experience hints of nut, caramel, smoke, and darker grain in the aftertaste. 

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