About Gladiator Brewing

For us, our brewing and our business is a labor of love, redemption and perseverance for our family. We are James Pradke and Funda Pradke and we co-founded Gladiator Brewing, Co, in 2018.

After 18 years of proudly serving in the US Army, a debilitating car accident changed our lives. James retired from the Army in 2018, and began a long and hard fought journey back to good health. In the process, his love of brewing and creating just the right brew process led us to start Gladiator Brewing.

James began brewing beer in 2011 as a hobby and developed a taste for antiquity craft beers. Antiquity craft beers are beers that have been in existence for hundreds of years (the brew process before refrigeration) but are not mass produced. So began a journey of brewing the perfect beer while making these brews more accessible.

As business partners, James and Funda wanted to find a way to produce a perfect beer on a larger scale while pairing delicious brews with era specific food to truly enhance each brew. For example, our Belgian Beer is served with a Belgian specific menu.

Our beer choices and brewing processes come from all over the world. From ancient Egypt to the medieval beer halls of Germany to the farmhouses of Finland, we are introducing these antiquity beers one glass at a time to our customers. We have dedicated our business to preserving this type of brewing. As we perfected our brewing process, we knew we wanted a space to share our passion and our dedication with family and friends.

Gladiator Brewing became more than just a way to brew beer, it became a lifeline of rebuilding and moving forward. The “Gladiator” name was chosen for its strength, resilience and perseverance through something unthinkable. Gladiators were often forced to fight under unthinkable conditions. While James volunteered to fight for his country, an unthinkable accident took away his path, his plan. James was forced to fight a battle under unthinkable conditions. Our brewery, Gladiator Brewery, is our come back, our redemption, our outcome of a hard fought battle.

We hope you’ll choose to come in to visit with us. We hope you fall in love with our beer, our food and our atmosphere. We want Gladiator Brewing to not only be our story of perseverance, but a lifeline for anyone fighting for something bigger than themselves. We all have stories to tell and to overcome. Gladiator Brewing is your place to come and share or just sit among people who have your back. Through our doors you will find a perfect, family-friendly, space where you may enter a stranger but leave as a friend. We hope you’ll stop by to see us. Try a beer and devour some delicious food. We promise good food, good people and “A Perfectly Brewed Beer, Every Single Time.” We’ll see you soon.

gladiator brewing owner james

James G. Pradke, Founder, Co-owner, Master Brewer – having founded two previous companies and invested in small business, James claims he is somewhat of a serial entrepreneur.

He graduated with honors from DePauw University with a Bachelor degree in Music and minor in Education, and graduated with honors from American Military University with a M.A. in International Relations and Conflict Resolution. He is certified as an Army educator, an Army Strategist, an executive life coach, and subject matter expert in operational security. He has been published most recently in Infantry Magazine and was a major contributor to adaptive and innovative solutions of a global scale to the U.S. Army. James has been brewing beer fervently for 10 years and considers brewing an art as much as a science.

“Every kettle of clear water is but a canvas upon which we paint using the grains as our base colors, hops and additives as our details, and the yeast as our finish!

James now resides in Clarksville, Tennessee.

gladiator brewing taps

Funda Pradke, Co-owner, Executive Manager – is a native of Turkey. Her expertise in great customer service and hospitality began over 15 years ago in Istanbul at the Prince Hotel.

In 2011 she relocated to the United States where she continued to excel in hospitality, customer service, and event planning. While in Kansas City, Missouri, Funda was recognized as a “Kansas City Star Employee”, a “People Pleaser” and received recognition as a Certified Tourism Ambassador for the city. In 2016, Funda and her family made their final military move to Fort Campbell and Clarksville, Tennessee. After a short while, she fell in love with “the New Gateway to the South” and quickly saw that Clarksville and Tennessee is the ideal community for raising her two sons Ege and Ethem. In 2018, Funda decided to merge her skills in hospitality, customer service, management and tourism with her passion for real estate, interior design, and crafting.

Passion and skill blossomed into a full time career as a Real Estate Agent where Funda’s long-standing “customer first” philosophy sets the gold standard in sound, ethical representation for everybody she works with. Funda now co-owns and operates Gladiator Brewing Co. with the same commitment to hospitality and customer service she embraces with everything she does.

gladiator brewing chef

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