Gladiator Brewing Co.

Gladiator Brewing Co. is a Service Disabled, Veteran and Minority Owned Brewery located in the city that claims ownership as the “Gateway to the New South,” Clarksville, Tennessee.

Simply put, our mission is to make one perfectly brewed beer every single time. Our focus is to be the absolute greatest producer of the most beloved beer in America. That said, if you wander into our neck of the woods, you're not going to discover the latest and greatest tap room or a chef behind the door of a kitchen. What you will see however are artists (Gladiators) at work doing what they do best.


Looking for frou-frou beer? You will not find it here under our togas! We brew history. The origins of our beer range from 264BC (the year of the first Gladiator games) to around 1900 or something like that. Does our beer come with attitude? Do Gladiators kill lions? Sure they do and our beer does have attitude! A lot of it! That is what makes the beers of Gladiator Brewing Co. so substantially different. Our owners themselves, having fought some of the most ruthless battles in today’s complex arenas, are survivors.

So if you should venture through the “New Gateway of the South,” be sure to come on by and have a beer on us. Our primary focus being distribution, we don’t have all the fancy tasting rooms and menus. We only have our love of beer and a few minutes of good quality conversation to share!

Oh, one last thing.... If your favorite retailer does not carry artisan crafts from Gladiator Brewing Co., threaten to show them no mercy in the arena and see how quickly they get the greatest American Craft Beers in your hands!

Gladiator Brewing Co.....Making one perfectly brewed beer every single time!

Our Process

The brewing process at Gladiator Brewing Co. begins with hours of historical research and gathering of context. While we always love to have fun, we consider beer without definition shallow and well…a bit like flavored water (remind you of any other leading brews out there?). Because all of our craft brew is driven by history, it is important that the historical intent of beer, from its original creators be studied and captured into our process.

We consider every single barrel of water to be a canvas painted in history, flavor, color, and style. Thus our process includes a meticulous selection and preparation of ingredients that we sample in its raw form. In other words, we take the time to examine grain, sugars, yeasts, and the flavorful hops prior to introducing its color into our work of art. Is it time consuming? Does it add to the value? You bet like hell it does! We are Gladiators producing art! If a warrior misses a detail, the result may be death! We take this approach and concept into our production of beer!

Lastly, before we send any product out of our halls, we sample. Yes, this means we drink a lot of beer! But a chef who is not willing to sample is first of all arrogant, and secondly never to be trusted. Tasting and sampling the great and the bad is an absolute must.

Those who serve our beer, whether a mess hall or a grand banquet facility graced by Caesar himself WILL taste our beer and know what they are serving. If you ask about a Gladiator beer and they don’t know the answer, you call us and we will send the server to the arena and introduce them to our favorite three headed beast!